How do I get a free membership in the Student Hokie Club? Just simply be an active Virginia Tech student and register here annually!

What is the Hokie Club? The Hokie Club is the official fundraising organization supporting Virginia Tech Athletics.

What does the Hokie Club Do? And....where does the money go? The Hokie Club was founded in 1949 to support Virginia Tech Athletics. All money raised goes to pay for ALL student-athlete scholarships (about 11.7 million dollars a year); to fund capital projects (like the Indoor Practice Facility); and to fund other needs for the Athletics Department.

What are the benefits of being a member of the student Hokie Club? You will build priority points as a member of the Student Hokie Club that will help you when you graduate. Upon graduation you can enroll in the Recent Graduate program and get two years membership for the price of one. If you want to obtain season football and basketball tickets after graduation, your continuous membership in the Student Hokie Club would put you ahead of others who do not have this membership.

You will be invited to a closed football practice and have the opportunity to hear from a member of the coaching staff.

You will be submitted in a drawing to be at the coin toss, center field, at a home game this fall.

You will receive the Hokie Sports Weekly update by email. You will receive the monthly Inside Hokie Sports Magazine electronically.